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Webinar Design: Towards a Blended Socratic Discussion Model 29/03/2020

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This blog tracks the progress of a research paper for the iLRN 2020 Virtual Conference entitled, ‘Webinar Design: Towards a Blended Socratic Discussion Model’. The draft outline for the paper includes:

> Webinar learning theory: a) Telepistemology b) Moore’s Transactional Distance Theory c) Alternate Reality Game Theory

> Webinar Instructional Design: progression from the ‘talking head model’ towards a 360* immersive Socratic fishbowl discussion to promote brainstorming and creativity leading to innovative collaboration.

> Case Studies: a) Doctorate Interviews b) The British Council / University of Gaza Project c) The Work Based Learning Wednesdays Webinar d) Pre-pilot work on blending augmented reality with a fishbowl discussion model

> Application of the analysis: A ‘Flat-pack webinar toolkit (TM)’ guide for webinar presenters, hosts and participants.


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