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360* video – Device only test 02/04/2020

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360* device only video – test: 1 April 2020

This is a short summary of the first 360* fishbowl discussion webinar. In this model we have replaced the 3 ‘inner-circle experts’ in person (red circle in previous diagram), with 3 laptops. I set up 3 Adobe Connect rooms, one for each laptop for me to speak about the pros & cons of using a LMS during the Coronavirus. Magnus had 3 laptops of my image around the 360* camera. When I spoke I went to a different laptop/Connect room to present my position on the topic e.g. For, Against, Fence Sitter.

As an ‘external guest’, Dr Mike Howarth had logged into the TestA Adobe Connect room to listen in on my talk on the topic. He was able to use the text chat, but not video or the microphone. For this test, Magnus did not have a webinar room set up in the physical location of the 360* camera so a virtual audience would be able to listen to all 3 of the experts.

Conclusions and recommendations:

The quality of the sound is much better than expected when capturing the 360* recording. The audio over the Adobe Connect rooms on the laptops was acceptable with no feedback loops or echos. Magnus, as the local host/facilitator has a key role to introduce the 3 Key Experts. As the model develops to add more layers to the discussion and add external audience members, the Local Facilitator will control the pacing of the event.

There was a problem with one of Magnus’ laptops’ speakers, so we used the sound from his mobile phone to broadcast the audio on the TestC laptop. This was a good temporary fix. Magnus had done a short 360* test recording the night before (31 March ’20). However, on the day of the actual test on 1 April ’20 we had a problem of storing the recording on the local hard drive. We need to create a short ‘how-to’ induction resource so the Local Facilitator will not have problems saving the video file.

The images on the 3 laptops were too small. Although you can click on the 360* recording to move the image and see any place in the Host room, you are not able to ‘zoom in’ on the video image. The laptop screen images were too small to clearly see the speaker.

For the next trial, these changes can be made:

  1. Move the 3 Local Host laptops closer to the 360* camera. It may be best to put the 360* camera on the same table as the 3 laptops.
  2. Add a Local Host 2D recording device e.g. smartphone or digital video person. This will make a record of the setup and the audio of the event.
  3. Add a Local Host Webcast device. Add a smartphone for the Local Host/Facilitator to send the webinar to another Adobe Connect Room (e.g. Master Room-D). This room would have guests be able to hear all 3 Experts.
  4. Add an External Guest to swap with one of the ‘inner-circle’ experts after they present their starting positions . The image of the new guest speaker could be exchanged with the inner-circle Expert by them in the room. The Expert would change the Guest to be a ‘Presenter’ in Connect to allow video and audio, and stop their own video during the Guest’s talk.
Screen shot of the Local Host/Facilitator


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