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2020 Bell Labs Prize 15/05/2020

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We have submitted a proposal for the Bell Labs Prize at:


Collaborative Webinars That Promote Creative Solutions

Webinar designs are mainly flat two-dimensional experiences, which limits the full potential for brainstorming collaborative exchanges that feed innovation and creative opportunities. The Coronavirus creates an isolated landscape that hinders our ability for group problem solving. We need a new online model. 

Our project proposes the use of a Socratic ‘fishbowl’ discussion design where the experts are seated in the center circle providing their position on a topic or problem to solve. A 360* video camera captures the debate so the audience can play it back to understand the stakeholder’s different perspectives. The participants can exchange (virtual) seats with the experts to contribute new information.  Smartphones record the event from their geographic location to add a reflective element to the narrative.  

The ’Transactional Webinar Design’ is underpinned by Moore’s distance learning theory which analyses the relationship of content structure and the dialogue opportunities for communication. The goal is to encourage autonomous self-managed learning. A new webinar profile toolkit is offered by this research to generate a graphic representation of the transactional elements from the host and attendee’s perspective. The data informs how to adapt the webinar design, as needed, to promote opportunities for creative expression or innovative contributions. 


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