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Engaging with and Empowering Employees, Customers and Communities 27/08/2020

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Stephen Citron is preparing to publish a new book. Included is a chapter about an eLearning project done with my colleague, Dr. Mike Howarth – ‘Work Based Learning Wednesdays – Monthly Webinar Project’. Here is a brief draft epilogue:

Beyond Work Based Learning Webinars

Dr Anthony ‘Skip’ Basiel                             August 2020

The Work Based Learning Wednesdays Webinar Project was ahead of its time. We hosted monthly webinar interviews with Middlesex University Alumni to unearth ‘tips to success’ from action projects done in their organisations. Along with the live webcast, we had a phone-in option and live text chat for questions or comments. Volunteer students supported the event as webinar facilitators, digital video recorders and editors. eLearning and eMarketing video testimonials were project deliverables.

The project was so innovative that the Deputy Vice-Chancellor extended the model to include the Deans of each Faculty to share good practice and build a virtual community. Additionally, the project was given inter/national recognition through publications and the Peer Awards.

How has the WBL Wednesdays webinar model evolved to address current online learners’ needs during the Coronavirus in 2020? We have embraced a paradigm shift from an interview design to an immersive Socratic discussion model using 360* video augmented reality. Experts sit in a circle promoting brainstorming and creativity to solve a problem or address an issue. The face-to-face audience sitting in the next circle out, swap seats with the Experts when asking a question. The 360* video camera records the event while a live webinar engages the virtual audience through live text discussion facilitated by the host. All audio is converted to auto-text transcripts and tag clouds. Participants are encouraged to use smartphones to record or webcast the event from their perspective using a meta-film approach[1]. Readers are encouraged to explore the ‘Immersive Fishbowl Webinar Design’ at https://abasiel.wordpress.com/elearning-r-d/.

[1] https://youtu.be/TQXk2sHItmk , https://drive.google.com/open?id=1_FtlGNw3xU8TNmYwhQpUaf_PGNJY82Dm


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