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Solent University RIKE Project Invitation 04/03/2022

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Solent University RIKE Web Video Learning Design Project

Hello Students and Academics – 
The RIKE Web Video Learning Design Project Team hope you are well.
You are invited to participate in a research study, conducted by Solent University – Computing School, Middlesex University and Westminster University – UK, to examine blended learning web video designs. Please read the following information. There are two sample videos to watch from the weblinks below followed by a short survey that will take less than 10 minutes to complete. You will be invited to a short Microsoft Teams interview or focus group discussion.
A £10 Amazon voucher code will be sent to the first 30 respondents after the transcript has been confirmed. So, please act now.
Now: Go to the 40-minute video introduction and Tutorial for 45* the Multicam video at
Next: Do the first Survey at: https://forms.office.com/r/cnUbNctQpD

Then: Do the last Survey at: https://forms.office.com/r/Ckt1y2dY2A
Video Recording and Usage
During the research study, we will be recording your interviews. The analysis of the web video learning sample videos aim to improve the two blended learning designs. These video clips will not be posted publicly on the Internet and your participation in this session will be anonymous. The Project Manager and partners will not provide any details with its use of the information and images resulting from the study which would allow any third party to identify you.
Sensitive Information
If you enter private information (account numbers or balances, personally identifiable data, etc.) during this study, it will be recorded by the screen sharing capture. However, this information will be manually blurred out from the recording immediately following the interview, and will not be stored after that in any other way.
If you have any questions or problems following the interview, you can contact us at anthony.basiel@solent.ac.uk Subject: Solent Research Project


You can see the augmented reality 360* video for your feedback


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