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Below are some examples of my research and development work. Please email abasiel@gmail.com with any questions. Cheers, Anthony

Queen Mary eLearning Fellow Presentation: ‘Role of the virtual patient’


Download the PPT file at:

Flash web video: http://eseminars.adobeconnect.com/pncmes5ltlt1/


With over 20 years of eLearning experience I have been successful in getting national recognition in the past from several groups:

> The Higher Education Academy and Times Higher Education Newspaper – for a British Council project
See: https://www.timeshighereducation.com/news/warzone-learning-idea-wins-e-tutors-top-award/191213.article

> The e-Learning Network – for an innovative eLearning design for a project done with the University of Gaza

> The National Peer Awards – for a project using a unique design for a monthly webinar interview with Alumni students that was also recorded for eLearning and eMarketing resources.

I have been lucky enough to be nominated as a finalist in the e-Learning category for the Training Journal Awards! Thanks to all the team I work with, especially Dr. Mike Howarth.

I have been at the Adobe International Education Leader’s Summer Institute in San Jose, Ca. – USA.  The good news is that I am now an Adobe Certified Associate. See http://www.adobe.com/education/instruction/ace/

Adobe Certified Associate

function myFunction() {
  idArray = new Array()
  idArray [1] = "First paragraph text"
  idArray [2] = "Second paragraph text"
  idArray [3] = "Third paragraph text"
  idArray [4] = "Fourth paragraph text"
  idArray [5] = "Fifth paragraph text"

  document.getElementById("select").onclick = myFunction;
  randomParagraph = Math.floor(Math.random()*5);

  document.getElementById("result").innerHTML = idArray[randomParagraph + 1];       
  <button onclick="myFunction()" id="select">Pick text</button>
  <div class="main">
    <p id="result"></p>
  <footer class="footer">Hey</footer>


1. City of Westminster College Webinar Forum | Dr. Anthony 'Skip' Basiel - eLearning R&D - 29/05/2020

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2. Carol Mann - 19/05/2010

Way to go! I would expect nothing less.

Well done and fingers crossed you go the distance 🙂

Warmest wishes

3. David Williams - 18/05/2010

Congratulations Skip & Mike. There is some tough competition, not least MU!

Please email abasiel@gmail.com with any questions.

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