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Business Innovation Conference – London, UK              March 2018

Well done!
You are at stage 2 of the QR hunt. If this were a fire safety training we might send you to the fire drill meeting point outside. But since it is raining outside…

Bring you mobile up to the speaker with the solution to this riddle:

*Prize 1: What occurs twice a week, once a year, but never in a day?

*Prize 2: Take today’s date number. Add 1. Remove the zero. Subtract 1. What is the solution? Come up to the presenter with your answer for a prize!

*Prize 3: On my way to St. Ives I saw a man with 7 wives. Each wife had 7 sacks. Each sack had 7 cats. Each cat had 7 kittens. Kitten, cats, sacks, wives. How many were going to St. Ives? 

And while you are here. please do feel free to look around my eLearning R&D. If you have any questions, please ask me at the end of the workshop or email: abasiel@arden.ac.uk

The Arden Team

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(*seek and you shall find)


Welcome to my webpage about professional social networks (PSNs)
Below you will find:

Please do email me at abasiel@gmail.com with any questions or comments.
[ Virtual Docent ]

Virtual Docent – Bring your teaching and training to life.

Interactive Blended and eLearning Designs


Professional Social Networked (PSN) Learning Approach


See the video introduction:

http://eseminars.adobeconnect.com/p4cdyj9kynj/  (click for the FLASH video)

or on YouTube


Client Sample




 I have over a decade of project management
experience with a range of eLearning studies
such as the CEDEFOP study visit programme,
University of Gaza, authoring ELT book
chaptersand being listed as an expert

I have been a Business Computer Simulation
Facilitator for a project done in Saudi Arabia
over 3 days.

 NHM I designed and delivered a workshop
with the Natural History Museum on
virtual communities to help the
academic team line with virtual networks.
 V&A I delivered a workshop for the museum
docents and a London multimedia production
company to form a common language on an
electronic exhibition.


With Professor Brian Sutton, I consulted
Unilever on pedagogic designs for their
LMS used in executive education.

Invited International Key Note Speaker for
the Italian Department of Education:
Click to read.

 Oxford Oxford University TALL (Technology Assisted
Lifelong Learning) Group. Consulted them on
web video telecommunications.
 ort I did a workshop on mind mapping for
eLearning for ORT for their international
teaching staff.




I was an author, reviewer and academic
consultant for NIIT & Wiley Press on several
American University Courses
(e.g. Graphic Design)

This sports therapy school wanted to
provide blended learning.
I provided support to use an
ELGG platform.











I was an expert panel member for the
Guardian Small Business Network.
See the online discussion

As an eLearning Consultant I provided
guidance on the appropriate tools to design,
deliver and evaluate resources to educate
WSET students.

Designed a gymnastics judging game in Javascript.
eLearning design consultancy to move to a
games-based design approach.

Globalnet21.org – London, UK
eLearning Consultancy for webinar
programme design and development.
Plan provided for training online

I was part of the team winning an award
from the Royal Society of Arts for a project
with UK and India schools. My role was
eLearning Consultant for web video
telecommunications to link the
schools online.

External Examiner for University of Chester –
MA Education & Society.

Design work  
 NRI This is a presentation for the
University of Greenwich Click to read.
 ODI Some thoughts about open data for the ODI.
Click to read.
 SFH Skills for Health – Online training courses
Click to read.
 KingsCollege NHS online training resources
Click to read.
 judge-logo-small Business School –
Trends and Opportunities
Click to read.
 Becta Logo Samples of video projects done with
Howarth Associates Click to read.

Read the Becta report that I researched
and co-authored.

WSET WSET (Wine & Spirit Ed. Trust) – A sample eLearning resource and design to promote reflective learning by sharing ‘3-top-tips to success’ web videos. https://sites.google.com/site/abasiel/wset-elearning-sample
ftclogo100pix Fire Tech Camp – Curriculum design for a Business Start-up workshop. Contact me for a sample.

Professional Social Networks Supported by a ‘Mentor Help Agent’

Paul Coyne and I did an FP7 bid that is still cutting edge today.   Double Tap here to read it or



Google has done some work in this area with the Aadvark Search

Here is a rough draft project proposal:

Professional Social Network – Expert Search: Vark Case Study Project Proposal

by Dr. Anthony ‘Skip’ Basiel



(m) 07771 99 87 99

(Skype) ‘skipbasiel’

This proposal puts forward the proposition that the IWBL DProf. Network and the

Education Department MIDwheb Partnership has a huge amount of intellectual capital that can be joined-up and made searchable using Web 2.0 pedagogic approaches and technologies.

With a web-based system such as Google http://vark.com/ we will be able to promote communication and collaboration within these online communities that may impact on learning and problem solving opportunities.

This system may be linked to other platforms to support learning such as Adobe Connect (web video conferencing ) and the Learning Resources at Middlesex University such as the Research Repository (http://eprints.mdx.ac.uk/ ),Alumni Office (http://www.intra.mdx.ac.uk/services/development.html ),

the Research and Business Office (http://www.intra.mdx.ac.uk/services/RBO/index.html ), Staff Development (http://www.intra.mdx.ac.uk/staffdevportal/staffdev/homepage/contacts.html ) and the Learning Resources (e.g. Web help desk http://webhelpdesk.mdx.ac.uk/ and Summon search enginehttp://www.lr.mdx.ac.uk/summon/index.htm , Ask a Librarian http://askalibrarian.mdx.ac.uk/ ) and theUniversity Expert Staff Directory (http://www.mdx.ac.uk/aboutus/staffdirectory/index.aspx ).


This project will be done as a series of small pilot case studies to explore the pedagogic designs and models that can be formed from the practice of a professional social network of experts linked to a ‘human search facility’.  Evaluation will be done through a variety of quantitative data collection techniques and tools (e.g. Google Docs email forms) and qualitative systems (e.g. Adobe Connect to conduct web video case studies) and analysis (e.g. Adobe automatic voice to text transcription for interviews). Dissemination will be done offline at conferences (e.g. Informatologyhttp://www.informatology.com/ ) and online through Adobe / Google events (e.g.http://edexchange.adobe.com/pages/home and live webinars using Connect).

Timeline and costs:

A Gantt chart and budget will be determined once all of the stakeholders of the project are established. It is hoped that in addition to Middlesex University (e.g. Institute for Work Based Learning and MIDwheb Partnership of the Education Department) we will have an agreed association with Adobe Systems Ltd. UK and Google Education, UK. The project is expected to run for a one year period in the first phase of development with an additional year added for the second stage of research and development.


Arden University – Blended Learning Computing Programme

Ealing Campus Grand Opening


Book Review: ‘I am More Than What You See’, Renaldo Lawrence 16 Dec. ’17



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