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Webinar Designs During the Coronavirus 22/08/2011

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With the changes in our lives due to the Coronavirus, webinars are becoming commonplace. My research and development work on this website provides instructional designs to promote webinars that can:

> provide information using a scaffold (Behaviourist) model,

> give the presenter a guide to promote interactivity during the eLearning event,

> blend augmented reality tools and Socratic discussion techniques to provide a virtual learning space to promote brainstorming and creativity that can lead to innovation,

> build virtual communities through webinars where the participants can communicate, collaborate and share knowledge and experiences that help bond relationships online.

Please see my ‘Flat-pack Webinar Toolkit‘ (TM) checklist if you are going to attend or host a webinar event at: https://tinyurl.com/FlatpackWebinars

A full book chapter that I have written on webinars and the future of higher education is at https://tinyurl.com/WebinarChapter

Please email me at abasiel@gmail.com with any questions. I am happy to have a web video conference on Adobe Connect: http://eseminars.adobeconnect.com/dranthonyskipbasiel/ or Skype (abasiel) or Zoom to discuss how we can collaborate.

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